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Open Auditions for The Merry Wives of Windsor and As She Likes It

  • Gamut Theatre Group 15 North 4th Street Harrisburg, PA, 17101 United States (map)

March 29th at 7:00pm- 8:30pm

March 31st at 7:30pm-9:00pm

Callbacks April 2nd 3:00pm-6:00pm


The 23rd Annual Free Shakespeare In The Park : The Merry Wives of Windsor. 

Everyone loves Sir John Falstaff but probably not quite as much as he loves himself! Mistress Ford, Mistress Page, and the entire town of Windsor have a plan to humble the bawdy, carousing knight. 

Character List

Sir John Falstaff

Bardolph, Pistol, and Nym- followers of Falstaff

Robin- page to Falstaff

Messers. Ford & Page- two gentlemen dwelling at Windsor

William Page- a boy, son to Page.

Sir Hugh Evans- a Welsh parson 

Doctor Caius- a French physician

Rugby- a servant to Doctor Caius

Mistress Quickly- servant to Doctor Caius

Robert Shallow- a County Justice

Abraham Slender- cousin to Shallow

Simple- servant to Slender

Fenton- a young gentleman

The Host of the Garter Inn

Mistress Ford

Mistress Page

Anne Page- Mistress Page's daughter, in love with Fenton. 

As She Likes It, a Stage Door Production

This is an original theatre piece containing short plays written by regional playwrights about the women of Shakespeare’s works, who often have small or underdeveloped roles to play. Now, in As She Likes It, these women are given full voice to say things they didn’t have the opportunity to in the Bard’s world or do things that the “pipsqueak boys” who played them never did.

21 Female roles (casting 10-12 actors)

Character List

Anne Boleyn (20’s – 40’s) – female - the ill-fated second wife of Henry VIII

Isabella (20’s-30’s) – female - a novice from Vienna

Ophelia (20’s-30’s) – female – Polonius’ daughter, Laertes’ sister and Hamlet’s one-time love

Queen Gertrude (40’s-60’s) – female – Hamlet’s mother

Beatriz (30’s) – female – a Puerto Rican woman in Central PA (based on Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing)

Yolanda (20’s) – female – a cousin and life-long friend of Beatriz (based on Hero from Much Ado About Nothing)

Juliet (teens – 20’s) – female – the young lover from Romeo & Juliet

Nurse (40’s – 60’s) – female – a rebellious version of the character from Romeo & Juliet

Lady Capulet (40’s – 50’s) – female – Juliet’s mother

Shakespeare (30’s-40’s) – ambiguous gender – the playwright

Melanie Gold (teens-20’s) – female – somewhat insecure student with typical teenage angst

Katherine (20’s – 40’s) – female – the character straight out of Shakespeare’s play; quick-tempered, insistent, droll with a vulnerable side

Harry (20’s-40’s) –  female – stage manager; gruff, take-no-prisoners sort who has a job to do and does it

Cassandra (20’s – 40’s) – female – Trojan, both gifted and cursed with sight of things to come

Cressida (20’s) –  female –Trojan, traded as a prisoner of war to the Greek army at her traitorous father’s request

Andromache (30’s-50’s) – female –Trojan, wife of Hector

Helen (20’s-30’s) – female – once of Sparta, now of Troy;  wife of Menelaus, beloved of Paris

Hecuba (50’s-60’s) – female – Trojan, wife of Priam

Claudia (~35) – female – youngest Lear sister

Reenie (~40) – female – middle Lear sister

Gordy (~50) – female – oldest Lear sister


Actors are asked to present a monologue one to two minutes in length and bring a resume of their work. Monologues must be memorized. Head shots are not mandatory, but please bring a photo if you have no headshot. 

Actors may audition for Merry Wives of Windsor (Free Shakespeare in the Park) and As She Likes It at the same time. Callbacks are scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd. Separate callbacks may be held as needed for As She Likes It.

All auditions must be scheduled in advance at 717-238-4111.

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