In-House Student Matinees

In-house Student Matinees at Gamut Classic Theatre are a great field trip option, and our NEW theatre can seat up to 225 students. Gamut Theatre is located in the center of Downtown Harrisburg across the street from the Capitol Complex. The Food Court at Strawberry Square is also located across the street for a convenient lunch option for students. Bus drop-off is available in front of the theatre. Parking is available at nearby garages and on the street.

Reservations and a 90% deposit are required. Groups of 50 or more are preferred but, accommodations can sometimes be made. 

Romeo and Juliet – October 2015–July 2016

“Did my heart love till now?”  Gamut Theatre, the combined theatre of Harrisburg Shakespeare Company and Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre, presents its highly acclaimed educational outreach production of Romeo and Juliet.   One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, this tale of star-crossed lovers follows the exuberant and volatile story of Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague as their young love rises above the contempt of their feuding families.

The production is extremely accessible, employing Gamut’s unique educational outreach style of combining Shakespeare’s original text with modern “narrations” to bridge the most famous scenes from the play together into an easy-to-understand story.


Death of A Salesman – November 8, 10, 15 and 17,  2016

“Will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens?”  It’s late at the Loman family house, but no one is sleeping. Tired yet restless, Willy Loman has come home unexpectedly from a business trip to the great concern of his wife and two sons. Willy’s mind has been wandering, bouncing back and forth between his seemingly glorious past, and his very troubled present. Something isn’t right. Over the next day the Loman family will struggle with demons from the past, prospects, success, failure, and, ultimately, the truth. Winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1949, Arthur Miller’s indelible classic about the American Dream, income inequality, mental illness, and identity is just as relevant today as it was when it profoundly shaped the course of American theatre over 70 years ago.


R.U.R.- February 15 and 22, 2016

In 1921, Czech playwright Karel Capek published his play, RUR: Rossum’s Universal Robots, to the world. The dark comedy took as its theme the dehumanization of society by its technology, as well as the self-destructive nature of mankind’s all-encompassing drive toward automation. Two years later, in 1923, the play had been translated into over 30 languages including English, by Paul Selver and Nigel Playfair. This resulted in adding a new word to our vocabulary, as “robot” was fated to no longer be simply an obscure Czech term for “worker.” Please join us for this hilarious cautionary tale from nearly a century ago, as its message is as contemporary as the latest entry in your Social Media newsfeed.


All student matinees are at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise stated. General Admission, evening performances of these productions are also available. Dates and times are listed on our Season Calendar. For more information, and to schedule a student matinee, please contact our Box Office at 717-238-4111 or