In-House Student Matinees

In-house Student Matinees at Gamut Classic Theatre are a great field trip option, and our NEW theatre can seat up to 220 students. Gamut Theatre is located in the center of Downtown Harrisburg across the street from the Capitol Complex. The Food Court at Strawberry Square is also located across the street for a convenient lunch option for students. Bus drop-off is available in front of the theatre. Parking is available at nearby garages and on the street.

Reservations and a 90% deposit are required. 
Groups of 50 or more are preferred but, accommodations can sometimes be made. 

Julius Caesar – November 30, 2018–July 2019
By reservation only. Please inquire for availability. 

“Beware the Ides of March...” 
Gamut Theatre, the combined theatre of Harrisburg Shakespeare Company and Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre, presents its highly anticipated educational outreach production of Julius Caesar. One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, Julius Caesar depicts the political conspiracy that leads to the assassination of one of the most powerful and successful leaders of the Roman Empire and the aftermath of this chilling historical event. The play explores hubris vs. humility and friendship vs. patriotism: “Et tu, Brute?”

Recommended for ages 12 and up, the production is extremely accessible, employing Gamut’s unique educational outreach style of combining Shakespeare’s original text with modern “narrations” to bridge the most famous scenes from the play together into an easy-to-understand story. This dynamic show is performed by seven highly–talented actors, runs 90 minutes, and features driving music, stylized interpretation, and dramatic fights, which have become a hallmark of Gamut’s touring Shakespeare productions. Each performance is followed by a post-show discussion with the actors. Workshops are also available for students to gain a deeper understanding of the play.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre - November 7th
By reservation only. Please inquire for availability. 

“And yet he rides it out...”
After unraveling a deadly secret, Pericles, the Prince of Tyre, must flee his homeland to save his life from the wrath of a tyrannous king. What follows is an epic and swashbuckling tale spanning the globe as our hero navigates danger, love, birth, and death (with just a dash of piracy)! Both profoundly moving and refreshingly funny, Pericles, Prince of Tyre touches on themes very close to home: separated families, refugees, speaking truth to power, and the belief that miracles can and will happen. Join us for our fresh, diverse, and engaging take on Shakespeare’s greatest tale of adventure.

All The King’s Men - February/March 2019
By reservation only. Please inquire for availability. 

“Blood on the moon!!!”

There is something about the accumulation of power that is beguiling and terrifying. Such is the story of Willie Stark, the small-town, self-educated Louisiana lawyer who builds a political machine to raise himself to ever greater heights in the eyes and the hearts of the most humble and bereft of hope. In the process he becomes a hero to some, a tyrant to others, and a grinding force of destruction to all those unfortunate enough to be cogs in his machine.

In 1946, Robert Penn Warren published the novel All the King’s Men, loosely based on the life and career of Louisiana governor Huey Long. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature, and served as the basis for a film adaptation which won the Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Picture. We are proud to present to our Gamut audience Robert Penn Warren’s own stage adaptation of the timeless tale of the ambition and corruption present whenever and wherever men mistake themselves for gods.

Voices of F.E.W. - February 2019
By reservation only. Please inquire for availability. 

Voices of F.E.W. by Sharia Benn chronicles the life of Frances Ellen Watkins-Harper (1825-1911), a pioneering social activist and abolitionist. A poet, suffragette, and advocate for social change, Frances was a champion throughout the early civil and equal rights movements during slavery and reconstruction eras. The performance incorporates readings from her most famous and published poetic works including “Bury Me in a Free Land,” “The Slave Mother,” and “Songs for the People.”  Also highlighted in the performance are spirituals from the period such as “Hush, Somebody’s Calling My Name,” “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” and “Amazing Grace,” and sharing of excerpts from her letters, articles, and speeches associated with her relationship with John Brown, William Still, and Frederick Douglas. 

All student matinees are at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise arranged. General Admission, evening performances of these productions are also available. Dates and times are listed on our Season Calendar. For more information, and to schedule a student matinee, please contact our Box Office at 717-238-4111 or