Young Acting Company 

Congratulations to the Cast for Young Acting Company’s 2019 production of As You Like It.

If cast, please confirm that you know you were cast by sending a short confirmation email to our

Production Stage Manager, Hannah Avcin-Roda, at . Please indicate in

your email the name of the student that was cast.  

We will be in touch shortly regarding your script and the text analysis rehearsal scheduled for

Saturday, Dec. 29!


Rosalind - Julia Toyer

Orlando - Carl Bright-Walck

Touchstone - Andrew Webb

Jaques - Alex Winnick

Celia - Leighann Koppenhofer

Oliver - Alek Panchik

Duke Senior - Cole Wallace

Duke Fredrick - Kaylee Kramer

Phebe - Kassidy Kramer

Amiens - Kennedy Commissiong

Silvius - Cassius Koppenhofer

Corin - Maya Madden

Le Beau - Haley Kennedy

Hymen - Madison Schmidt

Adam - Luke Gratz

Jaques de Boys - Trajan Tyree

Forest Lord 1 - Seth Winnick

William - Daniel Hutchins

Audrey - Kaitlyn Simmons

Forest Lord 2 - Caroline Cunningham

Hisperia - Macy Kiker

Sir Oliver Martext - Deion Price

Second Court Lord - Olivia Koppenhofer

Dennis - Lucas Welsh

Charles - Nick Wasileski

First Court Lord - Julia Garfinkel

Mary Ann - Grace Kane

Uncle Joe – TBD (adult actor)

Country Folk (Dancers)

Adam Bateman

Chase Coulter

Deion Price

Georgia Bailey

Grace Evans

Haley Kennedy

Kendall Kramer

Lucas Welsh

Macy Kiker

Maya Madden

Miranda Huber

Wrestling Pageant

Chase Coulter

Gabe Trowbridge

Jacob Reardon

Trajan Tyree

Lion Pageant

Shadow Oliver – Daniel Hutchins

Adam Bateman

Dakoda Kauffman

Milena Kurus


Adam Bateman

Cristina Marcellus

Dakoda Kauffman

Daniel Hutchins

Georgia Bailey

Grace Evans

Kaelyn Watson

Kendall Kramer

Madison Schmidt

Mia Graci

Milena Kurus

Miranda Huber

Olivia Giannakopoulos


Chase Coulter

Gabe Trowbridge

Jacob Reardon

Katheryn Gaston

Lillian Weigand

Rosemary Campbell

Sophia Commissiong

Trajan Tyree

Forest Animals

Chase Coulter

Gabe Trowbridge

Jacob Reardon

Katheryn Gaston

Lillian Weigand

Rosemary Campbell

Sophia Commissiong

Trajan Tyree


Adam Bateman – Lion Pageant, Court, Country Folk Dancer

Alek Panchik – Oliver

Alex Winnick – Jaques

Andrew Webb – Touchstone

Carl Bright-Walck – Orlando

Caroline Cunningham – Forest Lord 2

Cassius Koppenhofer – Silvius

Chase Coulter – Wrestling Pageant, Country Folk Dancer, Goats, Forest Animal

Cole Wallace – Duke Senior

Cristina Marcellus – Court

Dakoda Kauffman – Lion Pageant, Court

Daniel Hutchins – William, Shadow Oliver in a Lion Pageant, Court

Deion Price – Sir Oliver Martext, Country Folk Dancer

Gabe Trowbridge – Wrestling Pageant, Goat, Forest Animal

Georgia Bailey – Court, Country Folk Dancer

Grace Evans – Court, Country Folk Dancer

Grace Kane – Mary Ann

Haley Kennedy – Le Beau, Country Folk Dancers

Jacob Reardon – Wrestling Pageant, Goats, Forest Animal

Julia Garfinkel – First Court Lord

Julia Toyer – Rosalind

Kaelyn Watson – Court

Kaitlyn Simmons – Audrey

Kassidy Kramer – Phebe

Katheryn Gaston – Goat, Forest Animal

Kaylee Kramer – Duke Fredrick

Kendall Kramer – Court, Country Folk Dancer

Kennedy Commissiong – Amiens

Leighann Koppenhofer – Celia

Lillian Weigand – Goat, Forest Animal

Lucas Welsh – Dennis, Country Folk Dancer

Luke Gratz – Adam

Macy Kiker – Hisperia, Country Folk Dancer

Maddison Schmidt – Hymen, Court

Maya Madden – Corin, Country Folk Dancer

Mia Graci – Court

Milena Kurus – Lion Pageant, Court

Miranda Huber – Court, Country Folk Dancer

Nick Wasileski – Charles

Olivia Giannakopoulos – Court

Olivia Koppenhofer – Second Court Lord

Rosemary Campbell – Goat, Forest Animal

Seth Winnick – Forest Lord 1

Sophia Commissiong – Goat, Forest Animal

Trajan Tyree – Jaques de Boys, Wrestling Pageant, Goat, Forest Animal

TBD (Adult Actor) – Uncle Joe


Each season the Young Acting Company presents a much-beloved tale adapted into a full-length play and performed by students, ages 6 through 18.  The production features singing, dancing, staged combat, and the irreverent humor that the Popcorn Hat Players are known for, as well as giving the cast of students a chance to learn the ins and outs of a professional theatrical production as they display their own incredible talent.


Gamut Theatre’s Young Acting Company will be holding open auditions
December 12 and 18 for its upcoming production of
William Shakespeare’s As You Like It   

Performance Dates: April 12 - 14


Rosalind, the daughter of a banished duke, falls in love with Orlando at a wrestling match. Her usurping uncle, jealous of her popularity banishes her from court. Disguised as a boy she leaves with her cousin Celia and the jester Touchstone, to seek out her father in the Forest of Arden. Here she meets Orlando again and, under the guise of a young man, counsels him in the art of love and wooing.


This is the tenth annual production of the Young Acting Company, which is a collaboration between Gamut’s Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre, Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, and the Gamut Theatre Academy (GTA).  Adapted and directed by Melissa Nicholson, the cast of As You Like It will be comprised of both former and current students of the GTA program, as well as students who have no experience with Gamut Theatre.  The performance will feature singing, dancing, staged combat, live music, and the irreverent humor that the Popcorn Hat Players are known for, and gives the cast of students a chance to learn the ins and outs of a professional theatrical production as they display their own incredible talent.


Any student aged 6-18 is welcome to audition. 

No experience is necessary, but you must schedule an audition appointment. 

To be considered for a major speaking role, students must be ages 10-18 and prepare a Shakespearean monologue at least 10 lines in length, no more than a minute when performed, and audition on December 12 (must be available for callback auditions on December 19.)  

To audition for the cast ensemble, no preparation is needed and general auditions are held on December 18.

All actors who wish to audition MUST schedule an audition appointment with Tara by sending an email to at least 48 hours prior to audition time.  We do not allow any walk-ins.


 1) BEFORE your student signs up for an audition, please download and read the AUDITION INFO letter.

 2) Send an email to with the date you want to audition.  Students ages 6 - 9: Dec. 18, 5:00-6:30 pm; Students ages 10-18 may choose to either do the Monologue Audition on Dec. 12, 6:00-9:00 pm, or the General Audition on Dec. 18, 7:00-9:00 pm.

In your email include:

  • Name, age, gender of the student

  • Parent/Guardian Name

  • Phone Number

  • Audition Date preference (for ages 10-18)

  • Will the student be available for a potential callback on Wednesday, Dec. 19 from 6:00-9:00 pm?

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Tara. 

3) Download and print the AUDITION FORM and be sure to fill out BOTH SIDES of the form


  • GENERAL AUDITIONS on December 18:  Students do not need to prepare anything for the but should be ready to speak loudly and clearly on the stage independently and be ready to learn a simple song and dance in a group setting.  MONOLOGUE AUDITIONS on December 12: Students should prepare a memorized Shakespearean monologue at least 10 lines in length, but no more than a minute when performed.

  • Bring a head and shoulders photo (school photo is fine)

  • Bring the completed AUDITION FORM

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before audition time to allow time for check-in.  Auditions begin promptly on time

  • GENERAL AUDITIONS: Wear clothes for movement and comfort (no dresses, skirts, heels)

5) After the Audition, please follow the directions on your AUDITION INFO letter to find out if you are cast in the show



Callback Scenes