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By Sean Adams

Based on the tale by Charles Perrault

Rhodopis in ancient Greece, Aschenputtel in Germany, Ye Xian in China – there is perhaps no other fairy tale so commonly told by so many cultures across the world. But it was French author Charles Perrault’s retelling of the classic tale that we know best, and now Gamut Theatre's Young Acting Company will take on the challenge of presenting this unique adaptation of Cinderella.

Forced by her stepmother to maintain their lavish home, and dubbed “Cinder Ella” by her stepsisters after cleaning the soot-filled fireplace, Ella dreams of a happier life.  When the Prince announces a celebration – a magnificent ball to be held over three nights – Ella wants nothing more than to go. It seems that the momentous occasion will pass her by until her fairy godmother appears to grant her every wish.  This full-length original adaptation of the classic tale shows what it’s like when the shoe (or slipper) is on the other foot, and reminds us how it’s lucky to be beautiful, but far greater to be kind.

Gamut Theatre Group  is Harrisburg Shakespeare Company and Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre.  Our mission is to tell classic stories in new and exciting ways. Each year, our Young Acting Company takes center stage in April to present a mainstage play.

Gamut Theatre’s Young Acting Company presents Cinderella written by Sean Adams, an original work based on the traditional folk tale by French author Charles Perrault. This much-beloved folk tale has been adapted into a full-length play performed by students, ages 6 through 18.

Directed by Gamut’s Executive Director, Melissa Nicholson, the cast of Cinderella is composed of both former and current students of the Gamut Theatre Academy program, as well as newcomers to the Gamut Theatre.  The performance will feature singing, dancing, staged combat, the irreverent humor that the Popcorn Hat Players are known for, as well as giving the cast of students a chance to learn the ins and outs of a professional theatrical production as they display their own incredible talent.

Cinderella will be presented at the Select Medical Mainstage at Gamut Theatre on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 at 7:30pm; Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5 at 2:30pm. 

Tickets are $19 each and seating is reserved. Reservations at, 717-238-4111, or

Earlier Event: April 3
Later Event: April 5