Street parking in Harrisburg is “pay at the meter” 8am-5pm, Monday through Saturday at $3/hour.  Since the new parking regulations went into effect in 2014, we have diligently tried to get the word out about how to park without spending a fortune (or spending anything!) to get to Gamut Theatre.  Here are some tips:


  • State Employee designated parking spots are free after 5:30 PM on weeknights and all day Saturday and Sunday. These spots are located behind the State Capitol and the Forum on Commonwealth Avenue, and under the State Street bridge that connects over to 7th Street. These spots are not controlled by SP+ Parking and are not enforced after regular State work hours.

  • Mayor Papenfuse brokered some deals with SP+ to bring some relief:

    1. You can get one free 4-hour parking period on Saturday by using the Parkmobile App and input the code LUVHBG or as the number 588424 (See video below for more information)

    2.   You can sign up for smaller increments of parking time through the Parkmobile app than paying directly at the meter.  You can extend your parking through the app.  More about Parkmobile at

  • The lot at 75 S. 10th Street (located off of Market across from the old Patriot News building) is about a 10 minute walk to Gamut. The rates are $2/hour, $1 for each additional hour, and $6 for up to 24 hours. The facility is open for the general public 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  • Transit Park is located directly across the street (also on 10th Street) from the 10th Street lot. It is slightly closer and more secure than the 10th Street lot. The rates are $2.50/first hour, $1.25/additional hour, and $7 for the day.

  • For rates on other lots and garages, visit

  • Harrisburg University’s parking garage located directly across the street from Gamut’s new location at 15 N. 4th Street is in the process of being automated to accommodate after hours parking. We will stay current with that information and pass it on to you as we receive it.