Teacher Resources

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Created by Jeremy Hylton and operated by The Tech, MIT's oldest and largest newspaper, this site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the internet community since 1993.  These are the same editions that Harrisburg Shakespeare Company uses when we produce our plays.

Internet Shakespeare Editions – This is a great site where you can download fully editable electronic versions of Shakespeare’s Folio and Quarto texts.

British Library: Shakespeare in Quarto – On this site you will find high-resolution scans of the British Library’s 93 copies of the 21 plays by William Shakespeare printed in Quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642.

Open Source Shakespeare – Open Source Shakespeare (OSS) attempts to be the best free Web site containing Shakespeare’s complete works. It is intended for scholars, thespians, and Shakespeare lovers of every kind. OSS includes the 1864 Globe Edition of the complete works, which was the definitive single-volume Shakespeare edition for over a half-century.

The Globe Playground –  Interactive website for children to learn about Shakespeare and The Globe.

Exploring Shakespeare – Aimed at 6-11 year olds "Exploring Shakespeare" is an interactive film telling the story of two boys sneaking away from a tour to explore backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe. As well as the traditional way of following the narrative there are many opportunities to discover more by clicking on dynamic tags. The tags bring up quizzes, animations, and videos as well as four games based on backstage activities (stage manage The Tempest, cast Romeo & Juliet, dress a character for the Dream, and collect props for Macbeth).

Play Shakespeare – This is an incredible reference for everything we believe Shakespeare wrote.  It's easy to navigate, and includes reviews of performances, history, and all that good stuff. 

Shakespeare Magazine – This is a great online magazine resource about Shakespearean productions and interpretations around the world.

Quarto– This is the official magazine of the Shakespeare Theatre Association, published fall and spring each year.  Read what Shakespeare Theatres around the nation (and the globe) are up to!

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