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About TMI Improv 

T.M.I. is Gamut Theatre Group’s in-house improv comedy troupe, and is peopled by some of the most decent, charming and sweet-smelling folk you’d ever want to meet. Founded in 2007T.M.I. specializes in long- and short-form, character-driven improv, where simple suggestions from the audience pave the way for improvised journeys that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

We perform regular in-house soirees at our Gamut home, and are seen frequently at private functions, Little House on the Prairie conventions, and other important social events. Available to tour to almost any venue!  Stay tuned to this website for listings of our upcoming performances. And carrot cake recipes.

Upcoming Shows

Improv For Business Workshops

“While many people might think of improvisation as unscripted comedy, it can apply to any form of spontaneous theater -- and practitioners say that using ‘improv’ to teach business skills is no joke.” – CNN

Improvisation is the skill of thinking on your feet–either on your own, or as part of a group–and making something entertaining “on the fly”. In business, improvisational theatre can be a fun and effective way to help employees learn creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills. 

TMI’s Workshops are customized to fit the needs of your business. Workshops focus on the basics of improvisational theatre to strengthen important elements of a successful business such as active listening, conflict resolution, decision making, and adapting to change.

For more information please contact our Box Office at 717-238-4111 or Info@GamutTheatre.or